Digital Humanities

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The NEHC-DH page features the considerable variety of digital humanities and digital scholarship initiatives at the 11 institutions that comprise the NEHC network. While few are directly connected to the Humanities Institutes (DHMS at UConn is one of them), they contribute to or further humanities scholarship and teaching on all campuses. NEHC-DH also maintains a google group for basic info and exchange. For more information, please contact

Digital Humanities initiatives at NEHC member institutions include Wellesley College’s Digital Scholarship Initiative Program, Amherst College’s Digital Programs Department, Colby College’s Digital Humanities, Wheaton College’s Digital Humanities minor, Dartmouth College’s Digital Humanities Center, Northeastern University’s Digital Scholarship Group and NULab, Tuft University’s Digital Humanities, University of Connecticut’s Digital Humanities and Media Studies and Greenhouse Studios, University of New Hampshire’s Digital Humanities Working Group, University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab and Big Data Collaborative, and University of Vermont’s Digital Exhibits and Digital Collections.